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When Can A Deportation Case Be Reopened?

There are three primary reasons which form the basis to reopen a case. To ask for reopening of a deportation or removal case, your lawyer must make a formal application to an Immigration Judge. The application to reopen the deportation/removal case must state that one or more of the following factors are true:

The immigrant did not receive a formal notice of the deportation/removal hearings. This often happens when an unethical notary public (notario) uses his company’s address and then abandons the case. If the hearing proceeds without the immigrant being present, because the immigrant had no notice of the hearing, then an Immigration Judge can order the case reopened.

Conditions in the applicant’s home country have changed, and it would be a serious hardship for the immigrant to return to their home country. Unusual circumstances exist such that the government’s trail lawyer will agree to reopen the deportation/ removal case even though neither of the above situations exists.

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