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The Law Offices of Figeroux & Associates is a full-service firm with over 20 years of law experience that has helped more than 10,000-plus clients. The firm was created by Civil Rights attorney Brian Figeroux and concentrated initially on Criminal Defense, Family/ Divorce Law and Police Misconduct Issues, soon expanded our practice to United States Immigration Law, a world-class focus on Personal Injury, Tax Relief and Bankruptcy Law.

Figeroux & Associates is incredibly culturally diverse, with roots from all over the globe and speaking a multitude of languages, including Spanish, Creole, French, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Punjabi and Urdu. 

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Stopped by Immigration: You Have Rights. Know Them. Use Them.

If you are stopped by Police Officers, Immigration Agents or other public authorities, you have rights. It does not matter if you entered the country by crossing the border in Mexico if you are an overstay, green card holder or citizen. As long as you are within the borders of the United States, you have rights. Know them. Use them.