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Temporary Visas

How can you obtain a temporary visa to visit, study or work in the United States?
The most common ways to visit the US are B-1 and B-2 visas and the Visa Waiver Program. Persons may study in the US using F-1, M-1 and J-1 temporary visas. The most common types of temporary visas to work in the US include E, H, L, O and P visas.

This page contains a number of articles and links explaining the various types of temporary visas. It explains the difference between a “visa” and a “status”. We explain the procedure for obtaining a visa abroad as well as the process of applying for an extension of stay or a change of status in the U.S. We link to the online visa appointment system for U.S. Consulates in Canada and Mexico. We explain the most common temporary or “non-immigrant” visa categories, in alphabetical order from “A” to “U”.

Our attorneys have obtained temporary visas for thousands of E-1 treaty tradersE-2 treaty investorsH-1B professionalsJ-1 traineesL-1 intracompany managers and executivesO-1 persons of extraordinary abilityP-1 athletes and entertainers and R-1 religious workers.

Categories of Temporary Visas

  1. Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials (“A-1/A-2”)
  2. Visitor Visas to the U.S. (“B-1/B-2”)
  3. Visa Waiver Program – ESTA (State Department)
  4. Transit Visas (“C-1”)
  5. Crewmen (“D-1”)
  6. Treaty Traders (“E-1”)
  7. Treaty Investors (“E-2”)
  8. Australian Professionals (“E-3”)
  9. Students (“F-1”)
  10. Employees of International Agencies and NATO (“G” and “NATO”) (State Department)
  11. Professional Workers (“H-1B”)
  12. Agricultural Workers (“H-2A”) (USCIS)
  13. Skilled and Unskilled Workers (“H-2B”)
  14. Trainees (“H-3”)
  15. Foreign Journalists (“I”) (USCIS)
  16. Exchange Visitors (“J-1”) and Waivers
  17. Fiances of U.S. Citizens (“K-1”)
  18. Spouses of US Citizens (“K-3”)
  19. Intracompany Transferees (“L-1”)
  20. Persons of Extraordinary Ability (“O”)
  21. Athletes and Entertainers (“P”)
  22. International Cultural Exchange Visitors (“Q”)
  23. Religious Workers (“R”)
  24. Witnesses and Informants (“S”) (Justice Department)
  25. Victims of Trafficking (“T”) (USCIS)
  26. Canadian and Mexican Professionals Under NAFTA (“TN”)
  27. Visas for Crime Victims (“U”)
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