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TN Visas Have Advantages Over H Visas For Canadian And Mexican Nationals

The TN visa category was created by the North American Free Trade Agreement. TN visas are very similar to H1B visas — they are nonimmigrant visas for professional workers with undergraduate degrees, like engineers and architects. There are three primary advantages to TN visas as opposed to H1B visas:

  1. TN visas do not have an annual cap, whereas H1B visas do. Many H1B visa applicants wait years to obtain a visa due to the restrictive caps on immigration under the H1B category.
  2. TN visa applications do not have to go through a separate Immigration process, instead, TN visa applicants bring their completed visa application to the consulate or the border, submit the package, and receive admission (if the application is complete) immediately.
  3. TN visas are also less restrictive in terms of time. Most H1 visas are only valid for six or seven years. TN visas, on the other hand, may be renewed for many more years. They are still nonimmigrant visas, but they allow the visa holder to work in the United States for a longer period of time.
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