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If You're Considering Retaining The Law Office of Figeroux & Associates

Our law office caters to the following specific types of clients:

Business attorneys or other professionals who are retained by a company seeking to put together an individual, non-regional center EB-5 project

Prospective individual EB-5 investor seeking to retain an EB-5 attorney to handle/process/advise on his or her family’s EB-5 case, including reviewing RC Program documents.

Development of another type of company seeking to put together a regional center or non- regional center EB-5 Program or Project that is suitable with the EB-5 Program, legally and practically.

Our Chamber partners the New American Chamber of Commerce and the African American International Chamber of Commerce does help market or attract potential EB-5 investors, although we may refer potential EB-5 investors at our discretion.

If you wish to retain an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer for your case, consider retaining us based on the following reasons:

We are well-versed in EB-5 law, and we know our EB-5 cases.

We focus exclusively on EB-5 projects and cases. Therefore, we really focus on the evaluation of underlying facts and spend time and effort on the advance analysis and planning to increase the likelihood of your EB-5 project or case will proceed smoothly.

We try to be responsive and prompt to your inquiries.

We will discuss, evaluate and work on your case personally, as our philosophy is to limit the number of EB-5 cases to a level where we can render high-quality services. In other words, we do not like to take on more than we can chew comfortably. We are more than happy to refer you to other EB-5 immigration attorneys if we feel we cannot expend sufficient time and energy on your case.

We have been handling immigration cases since 1996 and have a very good understanding of both USCIS and consular processing.

Our principal U.S. immigration attorney is and has been a member of AILA, which in itself does not prove anything. However, it does indicate that we spend time and effort to keep up with the latest developments in EB-5 law and other immigration laws.

We are very much aware that there are certain unsettled or problematic issues of EB-5 law, which if not recognized or planned carefully can cause problems.

We have an in-depth understanding of not only EB-5 law but also with practical, real-life business and immigration-related issues that EB-5 investors encounter or might encounter starting from I-526 phase to I-829 stage.

Resume of Brian Figeroux, Brooklyn, NY Based EB-5 Practitioner

Brian Figeroux is a Brooklyn, NY based U.S. immigration attorney with over 15 years of work experience in advising and handling numerous immigration cases. His immigration practice focuses on family, deportations, criminal issues, business issues, and EB-5.  Our  EB-5 practice involves a close relationship with the NACC and AAICC Chambers of commerce, whose partnership has given us opportunities to work in China and South Africa.  Figeroux& Associates has an in-depth understanding of both the legal and practical requirements of EB-5 law and procedures, and more importantly, potential problematic issues inherent in the EB-5 cases. Why do we say “inherent”? Because EB-5 has many hazy areas and moreover, USCIS does not provide prompt pre-investment confirmations on many important issues that lead to predictability. [USCIS provides “pre-approval” process, but often even these pre-approvals are not given due deference by USCIS! Why have the “pre-approval” process then?]

Figeroux & Associates’s unique strength lies in having handled hundreds of Immigrant and Non- immigrant applications involving both USCIS and American Embassies, and being able to navigate around potential minefields of EB-5 law — and being able to explain to their clients in advance, so they can take necessary actions to plan and avoid them. (Believe it or not, EB-5 law is silent on many important issues.) Figeroux & Associates is especially adept at planning and structuring the EB-5 investor client’s case in advance to increase the likelihood of the case proceeding smoothly and reduce the chances of unwanted surprises cropping up. Below is a brief resume of Brian Figeroux.

Educational & Work Experience

1985: Attended Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York — Despite pursuing two majors, one in Computer Information Science and another in Accounting, with CPA requirements completed. Mr. Figeroux graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in Accounting in four years and twelve credits short of a degree in Computers Information Science. Mr. Figeroux considers his having graduated in four years and almost completing a degree in Computer Information Science, a great accomplishment, and asset in the practice of business immigration and more specifically, EB-5s.

1989: Attended Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York, and completed a Masters Degree in Economics, focus in finance, in one year.

1992: Having been accepted by Rutgers University School of Law, Newark, NJ, Mr. Figeroux completed his law degree in two and a half and successfully sat for the BAR exams, in January 1995.  After graduation, Mr. Figeroux worked at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office for one year in the Major Frauds and Racketeering Department before opening his solo practice in 1996, in the areas of Immigration, Criminal, Matrimonial and Civil Rights Law.  Besides, having a passion for assisting other people in the community.  Mr. Figeroux enjoys a game of chess, loves basketball and football, and plays soccer occasionally.

1996 ~ Present: Worked on immigration cases, including family, deportation, with a new focus on EB-5 and E-2 visa cases, through a community partnership with the NACC and AAICC, Chambers of Commerce.

Memberships and such

Member of the New York Bar

New York State Defenders Association

American Bankruptcy Institute

Member of American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1997

Founder of CARE, Concerned Americans for Racial Equality, NACC, the New American Chamber of Commerce, IJLEF, the Immigrant’s Journal Legal & Educational Fund, Inc., and AAICC, the African American International Chamber of Commerce, all not for profit organizations empowering, motivating and executing positive changes to the social and economic development of the Brooklyn and New York City community.

Wrote on numerous publications with staff an volunteers of Immigrant’s Journal, Caribbean American Weekly, the Consumer Advocate, and Today’s Christian.

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